Travel as education. The “walk about”

I just watched the below video interview of entrepreneur David Gilmour, founder of Fiji Water.   He talks about his father giving him a choice at the age of 16.  I’ll pay for you to travel on $10 per day, by yourself, every summer until age 25.  Or, don’t, and at age 25 I’ll stake you with some money to start a small business.  Gilmour chose to travel and explains how those experiences shaped him.

This clever travel plan fits perfectly with the advice I provide in “Don’t Go to College” in that real-world experience is incredibly valuable.  Instead of racking up debt in college, travel on $10 per day and gain knowledge you simply can’t find in a class room.  Many of the most successful and interesting people I’ve met have all done extensive travelling, mostly on shoe string budgets.

The above video is a good one for anyone interested in what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

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