Taking Occupy Wall Street seriously

The big money Right and talking heads on CNBC and Fox, and even much of the mainstream media, have derisively covered the Occupy Wall Street protests, even calling them unAmerican, when these same bubble heads called Tea Party protests patriotic.

The criticism that seems to be sticking even with those who claim support for Occupy Wall Street is that they have no solutions, and their complaints are all over the place.  This, in my opinion, should not be a critique because it is exactly what an early uprising looks like.  For example, the real Boston Tea Party happened in 1773, and per Wikipedia  it “was the culmination of a resistance movement….”. The Declaration of Independence didn’t occur until nearly 3 years later in 1776, and the culmination of the protestors (Revolutionaries) didn’t occur until the Constitution was ratified in 1788.

Since it took years for the American Revolutionaries to come together with a cohesive plan other than to first stop unfair taxes, second get the British out, and third to have a well thought out doctrine, what are we supposed to expect of Occupy Wall Street after a few weeks of protests?

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