Steve Jobs life – lessons of a genius

I had never read Steve Job’s bio until his passing today.  Interesting how his path mirrors advice in one of my early posts on this site “Don’t Go To College”.

Steve Jobs went to college but quit after one semester.  He stayed in town for another 18 months and “audited” classes which I take to mean he showed up, listened and learned, but didn’t pay or take exams.  He slept on the floor of various friends rooms and “followed his interests”.

He said in a speech “much of what I stumbled into by following my curiosity and intuition turned out to be priceless later on.”

Jobs and Wozniak also started Apple with a whopping $1300.  Even in 1976 that is a shoe string budget.  The cries from Republican politicians that “job creators” need more and more tax cuts and money so that they create jobs is laughable when you realize how little money was used to start companies like Apple, Facebook, Dell, Microsoft and many more.  Ideas, passion and drive are far more important than money or tax incentives.

Jobs also travelled internationally at a young age and jumped from job to job.  An unconventional life leading to extraordinary results.

RIP Mr. Jobs.  iSad

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